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HT Houseboats – Living by the water

A unique and extraordinary experience! There’s nothing like waking up every day to a view that is so beautiful that it takes your breath away.

Baltic Yachtpoint is the biggest seller of HT houseboats in Germany and all across Europe – and our knowledge, experience, and access to buyers, sellers, investors and tenants is unmatched.

In our capacity as houseboat specialists, we regularly feature in numerous publications,  magazines and blogs.

We offer Europe’s most comprehensive range of HT houseboats and floating homes to buy on the river, canal, quay, marina or wharf.

Enjoy the benefits of living on the water. While most people enjoy boating, tubing and fishing during their vacations, these can be your usual afternoon or evening activities.

Baltic Yachtpoint offers a variety of luxury houseboats in different sizes and in various marinas. Learn more about living on a houseboat by contacting us today.

Most people assume that a houseboat makes a great vacation property, and that it’s a fun and exciting way to temporarily experience a different way of life.

However, there are many people around the country who permanently reside on houseboats.

Reasons to choose HT Houseboats

Space and Comfort

Checked free icon      Individual Designs

Checked free icon      High Security

Checked free icon      Solid Built

Checked free icon      2 Years Warranty

Checked free icon      Ecologial

Checked free icon      Long lifespan



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