Houseboat HT4 – Sail – Mermaid EDITION

The houseboats are of high quality and come with trendy-modern furnishings. They have a spacious living area with an integrated, well-equipped kitchenette and direct access to the patio at the bow, as well as two bedrooms. A modern gas fireplace ensures special comfort in the evening.

The modern bathroom has a separate shower, toilet, and washbasin. From the bow terrace, you have a fantastic, wide view of the surrounding areas.

Technical changes and deviations in the equipment are possible.
Generous window fronts provide a view of the surrounding water areas, the harbor and the boats. For privacy, the windows are equipped with pleats or curtains.

Basic Information

Total length 11,5 m
Overall width 4, 5 m
Internal height 2,30 m
Dipiing 0,54 m
Displacement 26 t
Float material siatkobeton/ ferrocement/ Ferrocement
Category D
Weight 23 t

The basic price includes

  • Concrete float: ice-resistant, unsinkable
  • Thermal insulation: walls 10 cm, roof 15-20 cm
  • Elevation: galvanized and painted steel sheet + Scandinavian spruce wood
  • Finishing: walls, ceiling, floor Scandinavian spruce, mirrors, wall mural, furniture board PCV floor
  • Roof: covered with a roofing membrane (Sika)
  • Windows and doors: Drutex PVC special hot 3 x glass, CDF internal door, tempered glass panorama window
  • Kitchenette: building, sink and battery, LED lighting above the counter
  • Toilet: domestic toilet, ceramic basin, LED lightin
  • Shower: rain shower, LED lighting
  • Terraces: front 9 m2 and rear 6.75 m2
  • Bedrooms: led lighting and bedside lamps
  • A place for the location of the engine control installation
  • Electrical installation: 230 V (10 sockets 230 V)
  • Water installation: boiler 60 – 120L
  • Winter connection and summer water
  • Feces tank with standard pump 4000 L
  • Safety rope on the front and rear terrace (terrace rails)
  • Technical ladder for the roof
  • A small ladder dropped into the water on the front terrace
  • Mooring poles
  • box for 2 gas bottles